VITA the ideas of several dedicated cryptocurrency developers from all over the world Vita is a one-stop Smart Mortgage service provider with progressive, innovative, dynamic and short-sighted support forms for new home buyers. Vita thinks outside the box among your standard highway mortgage lenders. Our extreme methodology will destroy all the old traditional methodologies used by conventional […]


Stock trading with Blockchain Soraix is ​​determined to radically change traditional exchanges by symbolizing the exchange of assets using blockchain technology. At the same time, we strive to change the perception of digital assets in a positive direction, which will lead to broader adaptation and stability in the industry. Soraix will provide significant benefits for traditional investors […]


비즈니스의 미래 보장 Pkore 란 무엇입니까?Pcore는 블록 체인 기술과 통합 된 P2P 할인 플랫폼입니다. 목표는 블록 체인 투명성, 신뢰, 속도 및 보안을 스마트하게 등록 된 계약과 결합하고 송장 및 대금을 서로 직접 결합하는 것입니다.Pcore는 현대 기술을 틈새 시장에 통합하지만 성장하는 시장에 도입하고자합니다. 아시다시피, 현재 시장 상황은 어려움을 겪고 있습니다. 더 많은 회사가 은행과 함께 대체 금융 옵션을 사용함에 […]


TYCOON The first social trading platform developed by professional operators Hello everyone, viewers of this new publication that I want to present about a very interesting and good project called Tycoon, and for more details, we can simply go to the following discussion: About Tycoon Tycoon: the first social trading platform developed by professional traders. If you […]

Dexa Coin

Global Money Transfer & Instant Messaging Application Dexa Coin  is a revolutionary new business that simplifies the receipt and receipt of money throughout the world, providing a direct procedure for moving payments after eliminating many of the steps available in other traditional methods. This makes the whole money transfer process not only simple, but also fast. Dexa Coin […]


Market Review WANT Global ecommerce ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O and C2C hyperlocal, social, private groups, secure message-based Marketplace directly on the Android platform and currently available in the United States, India, Indonesia, Philippines with the Global B2B Trading App – WANT available throughout world. Another B2C, C2C product launch will soon be in the United […]

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