ProExchangers has designed a website where traders and investors can make honest reviews about crypto exchanges and provide their feedback on each exchange where people can honestly make wise decisions about which exchanges are best to trade. Users can easily find honest opinions about website feedback regarding available exchanges. The fake volume issue displayed by some exchanges creates a big risk for users. This is misleading and can make users lose funds in trading. Bursa will solve problems related to baby projects with little or no volume. Therefore, make a difference between them through pages specifically dedicated to projects that are less than 18 months old.


  • Transparency:  Crypto currency space has long been a problem with transparency. The problem is due to lack of transparency in trading volume.
  • Risks for Retail Investors:  Many retail investors lose money by trading on the wrong exchanges for many reasons. The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions.
  • Fake Volume:  There is a fake volume issue and how it creates a trust issue, hopefully the popular coin rating platform will try to solve it by creating metrics.
  • Another problem is that the young crypto project does not have enough visibility and ProExchangers aims to resolve this problem by creating classes and pages dedicated only to projects that are less than 18 months old.

the features

  1. GENERAL FUNCTIONALITY  : The Pro Exchangers platform looks exactly like an ordinary exchange crypto ranking site and what makes it different is the Star ranking system on the right side of each listed exchange. Clicking early will direct you the user where reviews on all exchanges are listed. . To be able to provide your personal feedback or reviews, users must create an account and verify an email. After registering, users will be able to make their reviews on every exchange that is listed on the website.
  2. REVIEW SYSTEM  : In the Pro Exchangers platform, reviews are divided into three main categories which include: Positive reviews, neutral reviews and negative reviews. Users have the option to choose the type of review they want.
  3. REVIEW SCORING  : Positive reviews will score +1 while negative -1 while negative reviews have a score of 0.  Star ratings are assigned in the range of 1-5. Average scores are calculated to give a star rating. Pro Score is a numerical value that represents the authenticity and professionalism of an exchange and to calculate Pro Score, the Amount of exchange rates is multiplied by the starting rank PS = SUM (R) * S.
  4. ANTI SPAM SYSTEM  : Some users will definitely abuse the system and to correct this Pro Exchange will run a very transparent platform and all measures to eliminate spam and fake reviews will be put in place to ensure sanity in the ranking system and offer reliable and reliable feedback for users.

Crypto the DemocratCrypto Reviews Democratic and Transparent.Cryptocurrency exchange reviews do not exist. It is not known where the Cryptocurrency exchange was located,according to user experience, There are many popular platforms where people can see exchanges based on their volume and trust scores, but there is no experience where end users are registered.The user has lost crypto on a popular exchange, if they can access the end user and reviewing this loss will be prevented.But the problem is false, the volume creates problems for users who are looking for trusted exchanges to trade.There are also other problems that Crypto Exchange is relatively new and projects are difficult to stand out in Crowd.To overcome this problem, we have created the ProExchangers Crypto Exchange platform, together with this platform we have a Proexchanger Review Token, a Token designed to reward users who promote transparency in the Crypto space.


ProExchangers Review Token is an ERC20 token designed to be a utility to support ProExchangers supporters. Exchange will be issued based on user activity or referral activity and gift community activities.

System on ProExchanger

Users can provide reviews and various types of reviews are given to see propositions on positive, negative & neutral cryptocurrency projects that will give other visitors the impression to tell them that the project matches what they see in detail. users can choose this review and provide a number of stars as a rating proposition for that review. there are many other features found on the ProExchanger Platform besides this there is a ranking system, Anti-Spam Guidelines, etc. please visit the website for   other  ProExchanger .Detail TokenPlatform: ERC20MAX supply: Not yet availableContract address: N / ALaunch date: N / A exkluronLink :;u=2652065

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