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good night to all the cryptocurrency lovers that I care about.
The emergence of Blockchain technology has contributed greatly to the growth of our world today. It uses cases that are spread to all sectors of the world economy. This has given space to many platforms, to reach our world in a positive way where Unifinity DApp is one of them that changed the world of Education. The decentralized and high-tech nature of Unifinity DApp removes barriers faced in University Education and schools in general. https://unifinity.io/  What is  Unifinity  DApp Platform? Unifinity is a decentralized application (Dapp), running on the blockchain, which aims to be the easiest gateway for schools, teachers, parents and students to send and receive payments for tuition and projects. Unity

 DAPP will allow users as Parents, Students and Management to have full and simple insight and control of all related data. We have created our own Dapp as a dynamic Interface, which connects all partners and the Blockchain innovation process, by providing the necessary infrastructure and a set of integrated tools. This will empower the University to manage Blockchain features and applications at a fraction of the cost and time.

Unifinity was founded by a cross-functional team that has combined experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile applications, cybersecurity and IoT throughout Europe and Asia.

Unifinity DApp Platform Video clip Explanation

The UNIFINITY platform   will be able to fundamentally change the education system, combine everything needed to control student attendance and achievement, and give universities the ability to manage the functions and applications of the blockchain at a low cost and optimal. provisionsUNIFINITY   will be able to contribute to the development of online learning because it is cheaper and allows you to get knowledge from anywhere in the world where there is the internet. And also to achieve diploma recognition and certificates anywhere in the world.UNIFINITY   created  its  own DAPP based blockchain, which was designed to be the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to send and receive tuition payments for universities, schools, teachers, parents and students.

Benefits of Unifinity DApp to the University:

Ø Making Registration Forms
Ø Easy registration process for new students
Ø Preparation of School Time Tables
Ø Making Events at the University
Ø Creation and administering Tests / Exams
Ø Students and Parents report on making
Ø Making of subjects / Assignments and Teacher assignments individuals
Ø Presence of student organizations
Ø Tracking courses and registered students
Ø Automatic Payroll Schedules Ø Automatic
Payment Schedules for Cost / Employee payments
Ø Managing / Tracking University Finance Automatic data management for payments
Ø Receiving payments and invoices
Ø Access to Company Blockchain course materials
Ø Access to Blockchain / Cloud storage solutions

Ø Create Templates for Diploma / Unique Blockchain Certificates Ø Create Templates for unique Diploma / Certificate Blockchain
Ø Create Templates for Unique University Identity Cards

Further benefits of Unifinity DApp to parents, students etc. can be found at  https://unifinity.io/  What are you waiting for? Join, and you won’t regret doing it. Unifinity DApp is the problem. Mission of the Unifinity DApp Platform:

Unifinity’s mission is to combine in one place everything you need to monitor student attendance and performance to help you plan for your children’s future. This includes a bill payment portal and prize platform that will give students incentives every time they complete an online or offline course.

Unifinity DApp Platform Vision:
Unifinity Vision is to create an award platform that will use blockchain technology to provide incentives for users to continue their studies, help universities to organize their student filing systems, and provide students with reliable academic achievement certification. Unifinity DApp


Blueprint for the Unifinity DApp Project Team
The wealth of Unifinity DApp team experience is second to none.

DIF Unifinity Project Partners
They are partners with technical knowledge and evidence.

Unifinity Education and Blockchain Adviser
Their broad knowledge in Blockchain education and technology speaks for itself.

To find out more about DApp for Unifi-based Universities

Website: https://unifinity.io/ ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5252700.0 Whitepaper:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1- 5tQwYOP6JQQIgZfZ5Ez6bMfz4qJ4OTM / view? Usp = drivesdk Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Unifinityph Twitter:  https://twitter.com/unifinity_ph Telegram:  https://t.me/unifinity Medium:  https: // medium. com / @ unifinityph Linkedin:  https://linkedin.com/company/unifinity.io Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5XaBsLqA7I307JLhcAz0Q

Username: exkluron
Link  :  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2652065

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