a single integrated platform for crypto and fiat assets.

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Friends, don’t miss the opportunity before it’s too late a very promising project has been created called Payaccept.PayAccept   is a holistic blockchain platform that offers users a simple and integrated banking and encryption experience. This application handles the technical side so users can concentrate on their assets. PayAccept aims to modernize the way global citizens interact with traditional blockchain and financial technology by bringing digital portfolio management to the masses.

How it works

PayAccept provides a holistic blockchain platform that puts an end to the complexities of buying, selling, and using assets held through multiple accounts. The PayAccept network allows clients to exchange assets freely without worrying about the denomination. Payers and recipients of any transaction can choose their preferred assets, so clients can pay in Bitcoin to friends who ask for Euros. In addition, PayAccept uses the latest digital portfolio management standards, providing an intuitive design, powerful and fast features, and maximum security of funds.PayCard is a new generation of payment cards, giving the power to spend a user’s crypto currency in real life.


0bb81877442b488d09337510b352e3584d85b7ea35da49f56e4e984ec6ef7db0.pngInstant refill -> Refill your balance without conversion fees * and spend. Driven by our competitive exchange rate. * Network fees and miner fees may apply3cbb0c3e9ae002d4e2a516224033d224801e0ac06e2fceeb0368b7653a9bb5b0.pngFlexibility -> Designed for people who want to live a life in cryptography. View your balance, request a new PIN and refill everything in the PayAccept application instantly.0d694cf4b8a9e850f7a8170fe3bf86d652d4400c429910867fe065018bc83022.pngImproved Security This includes an EMV chip and options to block your card and control your expenses.8ba64147c88d96d25508b56d9e640b0c42c7f23de096ecc01da74571a2408dfc.png Worldwide -> Ready to use in millions of places around the world. Pay with a credit card, PIN or simply withdraw money from a compatible ATM.Payment on Sale (PoS): The 
platform accepts payments in crypto-dollars from around the world, from Bitcoin to altcoin, getting new customers and avoiding high fees and chargebacks.


Vision and mission

More and more banks are stepping into digital finance and blockchain technology. However, one must provide a way to manage all assets in the blockchain industry through an easy-to-use interface where anyone in the world, even those without bank accounts, can have 24/7 access to their assets and digital financial services.PayAccept will act as a bridge between the world of traditional finance and disruptive new blockchain technology. We expect mass adoption of PayAccept by 2025. PayAccept will become an Electronic Money Institution to intensify its pursuit of mass adoption. Through this, PayAccept can successfully connect itself to the Blockchain economy which is currently more than $ 250 billion and bridges with traditional financial markets.From a business perspective, we want to connect all world organizations to digital banking supported by Blockchain technology using the PayAccept mobile application that is easy to connect and easy to use and physical Point of Sale (PoS) devices that can be connected by businesses around the world. to and process credit card and cryptocurrency payments.

PayAccept functionality

  • Trade fiat and cryptocurrency through one interface:  The PayAccept network allows customers to freely exchange assets without worrying about these denominations. Payers and recipients of any transaction can choose their chosen assets, so customers can pay in Bitcoin to individuals who ask for Euros.
  • Link bank accounts:  PayAccept users can link up to 3 bank accounts to their PayAccept Wallet.
  • Analytic tools:  Users can receive insights about spending and using their assets through smart analysis tools.
  • Fund ownership:  Users maintain access to their wallet, Private Keys and all funds are stored using the cold storage methodology.
  • Alerts:  Notifications for all incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Mobile PoS:  Users can use the PayAccept application to become their own Point-of-Sale or Pay-of-Sale and unlock new revenue streams while on the go.
  • Extensive payment options:  Users can handle their payments in more than one thousand different cryptocurrency and convert it to one. Any bill can be paid in any currency, crypto, or fiat through the PayAccept application. Need to convert gift cards or refill cards directly into fiat or cryptocurrency? We help you.
  • Combined business accounts:  PayAccept users can activate multi-asset virtual shared accounts for business purposes and enjoy the security, transparency and powerlessness that Blockchain technology offers.
  • Global availability:  PayAccept users can receive cryptocurrency payments from around the world
  • Easy setup  for business:  PayAccept provides payment buttons, hosted checkout, and an invoice that can be embedded for your website. PayAccept also works with many plugins and integrations.
  • Light and dark mode:  Automatically adjusts the dark and dark mode interface.
  • Price volatility shield:  PayAccept protects you from price volatility in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. You get every dollar or euro of what you set, minus 1%.
  • Secured loans (DeFi function):  One of our main points for rapid growth is receiving non-cash capital immobilization payments. As a payment processor, PayAccept will have an advantage over banks because we collect information directly about expecting incoming payments. Our AI platform will facilitate if a business can have a loan and be able to repay it. This provides PayAccept a healthy income where maximum profit can be generated across the entire PayAccept platform.
  • Building an agent network:  In developing countries where infrastructure is not fully built (such as Africa and South America), we will offer retailers the ability to become agents for PayAccept to handle deposits and withdrawals. Each agent can open an account to facilitate this process.
  • Payment card:  PayAccept will issue a payment card that can be used to pay at a store or withdraw funds from most ATMs around the world when cash is needed.

the features

The most important features of the platform are as follows:

  • Bank Link:   Connect up to 3 banks and their accounts
  • Automatic:   Current transactions and balances
  • Expense:   The smart way to see your last expense
  • Insights:   See your daily average and come in and out monthly
  • Fast  : Open directly to spend information
  • Notifications  : Get notified with incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Dark Mode   : Automatically adjusts to brightness
  • Cold  storage  : We store your cryptocurrency in a safe ‘offline’ way
  • Private key   : You are in control and have your wallet key

PayAccept  Believes That The World Needs An Alternative Monetary System

PayAccept  Believes That The World Needs A Truly Democratic And Decentralized Financial System That Is Not Actuated By The Decisions Of Political Leaders And Central Banks. Money Must Be Accessible To Everyone In A Safe, Non-Wandering Way, Can Be Scaled, And Safe. That’s What We Want To Achieve Such A System With PayAccept.

Keystones Of PayAccept

PayAccept  Ends The Complexity Of Purchasing, Selling, And Using Assets Owned On Many Accounts. In The World’s First Conversion Coin (ICCO) Offering, Investors Will Have Direct Participation In Corporate Growth.

Our Bank

Part Of A Holistic Financial System That Allows Original Compatibility Between Fiat & Cryptocurrency.

Completely Regulated

Regulated By European Directive Prospectus As Equity Warrants, Provides Peace Of Mind That Has Never Occur Before.


 PayAccept Users  Will Trade And Interact With Regulated Crypto Exchanges, Such As NEXT.Exchange – And No Hidden Fees.


PayAccept Will Be A Decentralized Currency That Can Be Used By People Around The World To Get Paid.

The Interface

Give Users One Place To Manage, Trade And Use Crypto And Fiat For All Payments & Utilities.

Trade Fiat And Crypto With One Interface

The PayAccept Network   Allows Customers To Exchange Assets Freely Without Worrying About Denominations. Payers And Recipients Of Any Transaction Can Choose Their Assets Of Choice, So Customers Can Pay In Bitcoin To A Friend Who Asks For Euros.Virtual Fiat Moved From A To B On The Exchange. Transactions Are Recorded On The Blockchain And Then Automatically Reflected In The Appropriate Limited Customer Exchange Bank Account.Transactions Are Recorded On The Blockchain And Then Automatically Reflected In The Bank Account Of The Relevant Currency Exchange.

Pay Card

A New Generation Payment Card Is Here. Available In GBP, USD And EUR, Your Contactless PayAccept Visa Card Gives You The Ability To Spend Your Cryptocurrency In Real Life, Where Any Visa Is Accepted.

Reload Instantly

Reload Your Balance Without Conversion Costs * And Spend. Supported By Our Competitive Exchange Rates. * Network Costs And Miner Costs May Apply.


Designed For People Who Want To Live With Crypto. See Your Balance, Request A New PIN, And Reload All Directly In The  PayAccept Application   .

Enhanced Security

Includes EMV Chips And Options To Lock Your Card And Control Your Expenditures.


Ready For Use In Millions Of Locations Around The World. Pay Without Contact, PIN Or Simply Withdraw Cash From A Compatible ATM.

Pay Sales

Accept Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency, Get New Customers, And Avoid High Fees And Charges. From Arrangement To Settlement,  PayAccept  Facilitates The Acceptance Of This Payment.

Easy Setup

PayAccept Provides Payment Buttons, Hosted Checkouts, And Invoices That Can Be Embed For Your Website. PayAccept Also Functions With Many Plugins And Integrations.

Zero Price Volatility

PayAccept Protects You From Price Volatility In Bitcoin  And  Other Cryptocurrency. You Get Every Dollar Or Euro Of What You Set, Minus 1%.

Instant Bank Settlement

PayAccept Can Settle Funds Through Local Bank Transfers (ACH, SEPA, FPS …

Capital Use

Acquiring Controlling Interests In The EU Bank And Improving The System. Developing  PayAccept Blockchain  Clearing And Completion Of Crypto Platforms & Exchanges We Secure Strategic Investment In Financial Services, Blockchain Companies And Our Community.

About PayAccept

PayAccept  Complete Solution For Banking, Fiat, Crypto, High Security Messenger, Defend Mobile Phones And Much More. PayAccept Follows Open Community Solutions And Has Issued A Quiet API For Developers Who Can Introduce Their Work To The Community And Get Approval For Participation In PayAccept.


Please remember that if a soft cap is not achieved, we will not become an EMI, but only provide digital wallet services, without fiat gateways, and other financial instruments.July 2020  ICO / IEO tokensale (extendable)August 2020  Prepare EMI license with legal advisor (softcap only)August 2020  Purchase of an existing bank (hardcap only)September 2020  The official launch of the wallet on the PayAccept websiteSeptember 2020  Pre-registration for PayAccept Card (Visa / Mastercard)September 2020  Connects with third party exchanges for asset tradingSeptember 2020  Start integration with other financial institutions and banksOctober 2020  Launch of mobile wallet on iOS and AndroidOctober 2020  Launch your own digital asset network with PayNodesOctober 2020  Deploys the first terminal and payment card for end usersOctober 2020  PayAccept Integration with big tradersOctober 2020  Expanding with a minimum of 20 financial and digital assets (softcap)November 2020  Series A seed investment roundDecember 2020  Launch of Loans and DeFi LoansDecember 2020  Further expansion worldwide and services such as Insurance

Our team

Christiaan van Steenbergen-CEO of
Gleb Jout-CMO
James Loren-CSO
Join us-Need a new challenge?
h TTPs: //
https: / / is acceptedUsername: exkluronLink  :;u=2652065

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